19. desember 2007

Hard things

Þetta er svo fallegt lag..

Hard things you said to me
Of monsters beneath your sea
That lurk in the dark deep abyss.
Hard things you told me of
A cold and a bitter frost
That bites at your feet while we kiss...

And so we ran away from the storm
Your feet on my belly, to keep you warm
You’ve got to learn,
Soon we’ll both learn, to let go of our pain...

And to think (I thought you needed time to think...)

Warmth I can give to you
To last us the whole night through
I’ll scatter your bad dreams away
And all of our sorrows and all of our banes
Will make like the snowflakes and melt in the rain.
And leave us the puddles to play

Þið getið hlustað á það og fleiri góð hér

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